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LiveChat is a tremendous tool for communicating with exisiting or future customers. Spend more time building your business by providing better customer service and increasing your sale’s conversion rates.

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What is LiveChat?

  • LiveChat is an online chat tool that itegrates with your website, including wordpress.
  • A scalable solution to chat with your customers or prospects in real-time.

How can LiveChat help you?

  • LiveChat can provide you better customer service. (See our blog about customer service and LiveChat)
  • LiveChat can Increase conversion rates. LiveChat gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers now rather than later. Don’t let your prospects get away.
  • LiveChat is Cost Efficient. One rep can talk with 10 times more people than one phone agent.
Live Chat Software

What does LiveChat look like?

How Much Does LiveChat Cost?

LiveChat starts out at $16.00 a user per month if paid out annually and $19.00 per month if paid month to month for the Small/Home office package. This package includes:
– Unlimited agent accounts
– 60-day chat history
– Basic widget customization
– Ticketing system
– Data security

The next level is for a full time support team starting out at $33 a month per user if paid in full and $39.00 a month if paid month to month. This option includes all of the above plus:
– Full widget customization
– Basic reporting
– Agent groups
– Multiple brandings

1. The third level, which is good for a company with a customer service department, starts at $50.00 per month per user if paid in full for the year and $55.00 a month if paid month to month. This option includes all of the above plus:
– Advanced reporting
– Staffing prediction
– Work Scheduler

The “Enterprise” level, well you need to contact LiveChat to get more infomration, but below are the added features:
– Dedicated acc. Manager
– Deticated software engineer
– Product training
– Software engineer support
– Security assistance
– Single Sign-On (SSO)

Live Chat Software

How Can I Learn More About LiveChat?

We can setup specific days and times to speak to LiveChat prospects. We are not going to push you into buying LiveChat. We believe that the more information you have, the more educated decision you will make.

Oh…did I tell you we can give you a free trial before you start investing in this solution? Contact us and try before you buy.

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