Drive More Business Through Your Website

Bringing increase sales today doesn’t mean you just have to wait for someone to call you, email you, or find a way to drive more traffic to your website. I am not saying you don’t need a lot of traffic to your website, but how much money do you need to put in traffic boosting when you get non needed visitors. Focus your efforts on people that are interested in your products and services and catch them while they are visiting your website.

So how do I drive business on my website?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could speak to all the people that actually visit your website. Ask yourself, how many people visit my site a day, and how can I get them to either click a link (affiliate websites) or buy a product or service.

What if you were able to speak to everyone that is interested in something on your website before they left your site and moved on to see if someone else had a better product or service. LiveChat is the answer.

LiveChat is a click-to-chat solution that integrates to your website and allows you to connect to your website visitors.

How can LiveChat help you?

  • Real-time chat on your website
  • Brings you closer to your website visitors by interacting and understanding what they are looking for out of your website
  • Chat with your potential customer instantly to provide a better customer experience
  • Chat with your visitors on the go with the mobile app

Let’s take a look at LiveChat interface

What does the chat interface look like?

To the left you can see what a typical chat looks like in LiveChat. LiveChat will notify you everytime you have a new visitor to your website.

How can I see all my chats?

To the right is what LiveChat’s interface looks like when managing all your visitors.

How am I supposed to manage LiveChat if I have a ton of visitors?

One way you can manage LiveChat if you have a ton of website traffic is hire people that can manage the site all day. You have to remember that you have to answer people in a prompt manner or else it come off as bad customer service. Your response rates need to be between 96% – 100%.

Another way to manage all of your visitors is to try the LiveChat Management Solution (Not managed by LiveChat) and book an appointment. the LiveChat Management solution provides three different solutions to manage your website visitors.

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